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Altira Macau Hotel
Altira Macau - One of the best places to stay in Macau considered by many as an elegant, six-star hotel, 216 deluxe hotel rooms, includes about 183,000 sq. ft. exclusively for casino players
Beverly Hotel Macau
The Beverly Plaza Hotel Macau Macau has all of the amenities, facilities and levels of comfort you would expect from a hotel of this class, and maintains the meticulous standards required by travel and tour operators worldwide.
Fortuna Hotel Macau
Fortuna Hotel Macau - connected to modern Macau International Airport by a slimline, air-conditioned sky bridge, Golden Crown Hotel China Macau is ideally located in the garden atmosphere of the Islands less than 10 minutes drive from Taipa Village, the ferry terminal and to or from downtown Macau

Attractions and Sights

Guide to All Macau Museums
Guide to All Macau Museums - There’s no better way to experience and to learn about Macau – its culture, its history, and its people, than to pay a visit to the Museums of Macau, and be amazed by the richness of Macau’s culture.
Ilha Verde or Green Island :
Ilha Verde or Green Island - Ola! Macau Guide
Guia Fortress
There is no exact record of the date of construction of Guia Fortress, the chapel but it is certain that in 1622 there was already a military structure on the hill site.


Procession of the Passion of Christ
  A unique Macau religious celebration when an image of Christ carrying the Cross is taken in solemn procession from[...]
Penha Hill Macau Walking Tour
Penha Peninsula Walking Tour This is the Macau walking tour Where Portugal meets China. There is a lot to see[...]
St. Anthony Procession
St Anthony de Padua Procession St. Anthony Procession - Sao Antonio The St. Anthony Procession is a very short procession[...]


St Paul Bookstore Macau or Livraria Sao Paulo
St Paul Bookstore Macau or Livraria Sao Paulo offers you English, Portuguese and Chinese Books. Livraria Sao Paulo is a two storey book store located very near to the Catholic Cathedral and to the Bishop's House. It is very close to Leal Senado Square, right inside the tourist zone.


Macau Restaurant Guide –
Portuguese and Macanese Restaurants in Macau Macau is a showcase of traditional Portuguese and Macanese dishes. Macau chefs continue to[...]
African Chicken – Macau favourite dishes
The following African Chicken recipe has been converted to metric units wherever possible. There may be small amounts of round-off[...]
Macau Restaurant Guide –
Macau Restaurant Guide There is plenty of Macau restaurants and good food to be had in the city. Like any[...]


Cathedral Square Nativity Scene
The Nativity Scene at the Cathedral Square in front of the church. The Cathedral nativity scene sits at the end of the square. But what is the Christmas creche or the Christmas crib? Well, it is an artistic three dimensional depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ in the manger and it is one of the oldest and most favored of all Christmas traditions
Macau Christmas Photos
Macau Christmas Photos - The tiny enclave of Macau has a small Christian population that celebrates Christmas with its own particular style and rituals.
Macau Grand Prix Winners
Macau Grand Prix Winners

From the Macau Travel Blog

Vasco da Gama, Portuguese conquests and Macau
Vasco da Gama (1469?-December 24, 1524), was a Portuguese explorer who was the first person to sail from Europe to India and was responsible for Portugal's success as an early colonizing power and eventual coming to Macau
History of Macau
Macau history - Early history, Imperial times, Portuguese settlemement and Handover to the People's Republic of China
Government Departments
Macau Government Departments and other Social Institutions, Tourism and City Guide to Macau
Macau Cathedral Creche
Macau Cathedral Creche - Ola! Macau Guide
Macau Christmas Photos
Macau Christmas Photos - The tiny enclave of Macau has a small Christian population that celebrates Christmas with its own particular style and rituals.
St Francis Xavier – the Apostle of Asia
St Francis Xavier was born Francisco de Jaso y Azpilcueta in the Castle of Xavier (modern Spanish Javier, Basque Xabier) near Sangüesa and Pamplona, in Navarre, Spain. He sprang from an aristocratic Basque family of Navarre.
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