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Feng Shui Art

feng shui macau

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy, science and art that studies the way that
life energy (Ch’i) flows throughout the environment and the spaces that we inh

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Cathedral Square Nativity Scene

christmas nativity

The Nativity Scene at the Cathedral Square in front of the church. The Cathedral nativity scene sits at the end of the square. But what is the Christmas creche or the Christmas crib? Well, it is an artistic three dimensional depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ in the manger and it is one of the oldest and most favored of all Christmas traditions

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8 Macau Christmas Holiday Nativity Photos

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Ama Temple Photo Gallery

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Zhuhai Hotels

zhuhai hotels

Zhuhai Hotels gives travelers worldwide guaranteed best rates via its secure online hotel reservation system. Over 1,000,000 guests have chosen great offers on hotels like Jumbo Hotel for $59 and at low-cost hotel reservations in destinations like Zhuhai.

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Victory Garden: Why the Dutch Lost in Macau

macau garden

Victory Garden – Just built at the end of 19th century but today covers 0.19 hectares. Originally had a beautiful fountain now located in the flora garden designed by Augusto Cesar d’Abreu Nunes as part of the Avenida Vasco da Gama pedestal monument. The garden commemorates the defeat of the Dutch. This is the site where the cannon hit the Dutch ammunition.

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19 Attractions in the San Lazaro District

St Lazarus District

St. Lazarus Parish (Port. Freguesia de São Lázaro) is an east-central region of Macau Peninsula. It is the smallest sub-district. It is surrounded by Our Lady Fatima Parish, St. Anthony Parish, and Cathedral Parish. One-third of its region is covered by Guia Hill (Portuguese: Colina da Guia). The south is a commercial district, central common residential district, north and east are high-rise buildings. Only 3% of factories in Macau are here.

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St. Lawrence District Attractions: Macau South West

St. Lawrence Parish (Freguesia de São Lourenço) is a southwestern area of the Macau Peninsula. It is surrounded by water on all sides except north, where it neighbours Cathedral Parish. Penha Hill and Barra Hill are to the south. The Portuguese governor building and current administrative buildings is located here. The hillsides contain luxurious residential villas.

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St. Anthony Parish Attractions MACAU NORTHWEST DISTRICT

macau st paul ruins

St. Anthony Parish (Port. Freguesia de Santo António) is a freguesia on the western portion of the Macau Peninsula. The district includes Sha Gong (沙崗); San Kio (新橋); and Patane (沙梨頭). It has the highest population density in Macau (98,776 persons per km²). The entire area is reclaimed from the sea. It is north of Cathedral Parish, south of Our Lady Fatima Parish, west of St. Lazarus Parish, and east of Inner Harbour.

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Our Lady of Fatima Macau Top Attractions

st joseph church

Our Lady of Fatima Parish is composed of Ilha Verde (青洲, Green Island); Toi San (台山 Table Hill); Hipódromo (Hippodrome, 馬場 Horse Farm); Areia Preta (Black Sand, 黑沙環 Black-sand Ring); Mong Ha (望廈 View Amoy), the Treaty of Wanghia was signed here; Bairro Fai Chi Kei (筷子基 Chopsticks Base); Portas do Cerco (關閘 Border Gate); and Iao Hon (祐漢 Blessing the Han).

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Macau Cathedral and NAPE Area Attractions

THE Cathedral Parish NAPE attractions ranges from the Macau Ferry Terminal all the way down to the Wynn and MGM One Central Resorts Area. Located here are the major entertainment complexes of the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Sand Casino among others.
Major museums and cultural buildings include the Cultural Centre, Art Museum, Handover Museums, Wine Museum and Grandprix Museum.
The Avenida Sun Yat Sen is the main coastal road here. The Avenida de Amizade may be considered the true Macau Strip because some of the biggest Casinos are located here.

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