A-Ma Festival Cantonese Opera

Join the A-Ma Festival in April/May

The A-Ma Festival is held around April or May, specifically on the 23rd day of the Third Moon in the Chinese calendar.

A-Ma Festival or Mazu’s birthday-festival is on the twenty-third day of the third lunar month of the lunar calendar. It falls in late April or early May according to the Gregorian calendar.

Usually a Cantonese Opera is held in front of the temple. The operas have double function: to reward the mercy of A-Ma and to entertain the public. 

Homage is paid to Macau’s most popular deity, the Goddess of Seafarers, from whom Macau is said to derive its name.

The maiden A-Ma (also known as Tin Hau) ordered the elements to calm down when a storm threatened a boat. The
winds abated. On the spot where the boat reached land, the grateful mariners built the A-Ma Temple.

A-Ma Festival is the day day when seafarers and their families visit the ancient temple in the Inner Harbour.