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Air Macau Airlines Flights

Air Macau Airlines is the airline based in Macau and is the sole carrier of Macau operating to Taiwan, China and south and north-east Asia. The airlines’s main base is Macau International Airport (MFM).

Air Macau is one of the most convenient carriers to reach and fly off from Macau.

Getting Air Macau Tickets and other Services

air macau airlinesReservations on flights can be made through telephone number (853) 23965555.

Macau counters are located at the Airport (Departures – 2nd floor) and 398 Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpcao, R/C, Macau.

Air Macau is represented in Europe by TAP, in Australia/New Zealand by China Express in Sydney (tel. 61-2-290-1148, fax 61-2-290-1153), in Hong Kong by the China International Travel Service and in other parts of Asia by airlines operating into Macau.

The airline code is NX; other contact nos are (853) 2396-6888, fax (853) 2396-6866. Timetable updates are available here

air macau flights

The airline offers more than 100 round trip weekly flights between Macau and Taipei/Kaohsiung.

Macau Taiwan Strait

More than 70% of Air Macau’s revenue comes from transporting passengers across the Taiwan Strait to Macau. Every week, it has 72 round trip flights scheduled between Macau and Taipei and 28 round trip flights scheduled
between Macau and Kaohsiung.

Since Macau airline started doing business in 1995, no other airline has yet to offer one-plane service for passengers traveling between Taiwan and Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, and other cities on the Chinese mainland.

Although Taiwan passengers must complete a brief transfer procedure in the Macau International Airport and wait about thirty minutes with their carry-on luggage in the departure lobby, passengers can then board the same plane
once again and continue to their destination.

The airline staff can also help Taiwanese passengers on the flight get their PRC Entry Endorsement.

Riding the Macau Boom

The fast economic development of Macau in recent years enabled Air Macau to bring more tourist to Macau from Taiwan as well as other Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan and the Philippines.

The cargo service has been successful.

The airline recently launched its new Privileges mileage frequent flyer program from February 1st, 2005. Air Macau’s Privileges offers passengers a generous redemption scheme which allows loyal passengers to redeem free
air tickets and get Business Class upgrades quickly.

Air Macau Fleet

In the fleet of Air Macau, there are 7 Airbus A321, 1 Airbus A320, 5 Airbus A319, 5 A300B4F freighters. The fleet is one of the youngest team in Asia.5 Airbus A319-100


There are 961 staffs on 31 December 2005. Among them, some come from Macau (36.52%), some from mainland of PRC (39.65%). Others come from 18 countries and regions from all over the world. The average age of our staff is 28 years old. Check their careers for more information.

Flight History

Air Macau airline was established on 13 September 1994 and began commercial operations on 9 November 1995 with a flight from Macau to Beijing and Shanghai. It currently employs around 800 staff. It is owned by CNAC (51%), TAP Portugal (15%), STDM (14%), Eva Air (5%), Macau government (5%), Macau investors (5%) and Air China (5%).

Corporate Identity

Air Macau’s logo is a fusion of a lotus, the symbol of Macau and a dove, the symbol for international peace. The high flying dove represents a vision of the highest standard of safety, reliability and quality services. Air Macau’s ambition is to become a preferred airline of highest quality standard on which passengers can rely to fly safely, peacefully and comfortably.

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