Museum of Antique Electronics & Phonographs

Sound of the Century – On exhibit in the Museum is a collection of over 200 antique gramophones, old-fashioned wooden telephones and old models of radios which bore witness to a few hundred years of history and development of sound equipment and electronic appliances.

On the 125th birthday of the day when the Phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison, December 4th 2002, Tai Peng Electronics is proud to announce the opening of “Sound of the Century” Antique Electronics Museum in Macau.

phonograph museumThe museum’s wide range, variety, and quantity of ancient treasures is rarely seen in the entire world.

You can experience these antiques not only from appearance but with your own ears experience the sounds and musics that these treasures has entertained us with throughout the Century.

Inside the Museum you will discover that 150 years ago, before records are born, mankind have already used paper and wood to record music and play them through manual organs, and used steel plates to play music through manual music boxes.

Manual telephones from 90 years ago, carved cashiers from 80 years ago, tube radios from 70 years ago, wire recorders from 60 years ago during WWII, televisions and coin-operated juke boxes from 50 years ago, the first cassette player from 40 years ago, video record disc players from 30 years ago, and several portabletransistor radios from Europe and Japan 40 years ago.

phonograph museum

The biggest attraction is probably the 2 portable manual “energy-free” radios introduced a few years ago. Even if you are in the desert where there is no source of energy at all, these environmentally-friendly “energy-free” radios will still be able to receive radio broadcasts.

(from Taipeng Website)

phonograph museumOpening hours: 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Address: Rua das Estalagens no. 13-15, 2nd Floor, Tai Peng Building.
Admission Fee: MOP$30. (Appointment required)

Tel: (853) 28921389, 28920230
Fax: (853) 28920257
Bus route: 18