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Temple of Bamboo and other Chinese temples

Temple of Bamboo

The Buddhist Bamboo Temple was constructed 1911. There are couplets on the gate: “An eremitic life helps to understand the marvellous doctrine in the place where fountain and bamboo give inspiration to reach the divinity.”

The temple is dedicated to God of Medicine, Kun lam and Immortal Leung Kun.

Temple of the King of Medicine

The Temple of Medicine King, also called Medicine Mountain was constructed in 1933.

There are couplets on the gate: “With the only door opened, one can arrive at the mountain where rest eagles; after travelling around the world, one feels like standing in the same place.”

The temple is dedicated to Buddha (Sakyamuni), Goddess Kun lam and God of Earth.

Chapel of Shi Gandang

Situated at Bairro de San Kio, the chapel of Shi Gandang was constructed in the 20th year of Guangxu Reign (1894). There are couplets inscribed on the stone gate: “It is the judge of right and wrong that establishes the eternal standard; Judging not only the others but also himself, the judge engages in maintaining felicity and prosperity.”

The temple is dedicated to Grandpa Shi Gandang, Golden King of Xingshan, God of Ziwei, Marshall Zhao (Celestial tamer of tiger), God of Wealth Kwan Tai.

Ancestral Temple of Fok Tak in Toi San

Temples and Altars are spread everywhere in the city Macao, in memory of Local gods and they are often designated as Fok Tak ancient temples (Happines and Virtue). Although being a divinity mythology cult, their popularity is overwhelmed in the territory. In the recent years, new Fok Tak ancient temples are built following by the urban planning development.

Temple of Fok Tak in Toi San

Temple of Earth God was built in the 90s, in the 20th century.

Temple of Tou Tei in llha Verde

The construction of this temple is unknown.

Fok Veng Temple
Temple of Earth God was built in the 90s, in the 20th century.



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