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San Francisco Garden :

The Sao Francisco Garden is located along the Calcada dos Quarteis right in the center of Macao. Originally designed and built by Matias Soares, the garden is believed to be the oldest gardn in Macao. Sao Francisco Garden dates back to 1580 when the Spanish Franciscan friars founded the convent nearby. By 1585 Portuguese friars replaced the Spaniards but the garden continued to be called ‘Ka Si La Fa Un’ or Garden of the Castilles (Spaniards).

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Vasco da Gama Garden


The Vasco da Gama Garden and the Vitoria Garden were both created at the end of the 19th centruy. Both gardens were designed by Augusto Cesar d’Abrue Nune. The gardens used to be part of Avenida Vasco da Gama, a long avenue built in 1898 but demolished in 1935. The avenue was built to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of teh fleet of Vasco da Gama to India.

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Luis de Camoes Garden

Cameos Grotto is the most famous scenic spot in this garden. After riling the court officials, Luis de Camoes was exiled to Macau and lived in this cave where later he finished the national epic Os Lusiadas.

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Lilau Square – Macau Heritage

mandarin house

Lilau Square or in Portuguese Largo do Lilau is situated in the old “Christian quarter” where the Portuguese first settled in Macao. This area is surrounded by Portuguese style buildings and is therefore an area representing Macao’s unique urban style and features.

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St Augustine Square Macau

St Augustine Square is surrounded by many important monuments, including the St. Augustine Church, Agostinho Jesuit residence, Dom Pedro V Theatre, St. Joseph Seminary, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, and Ricci House.

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Victory Garden: Why the Dutch Lost in Macau

macau garden

Victory Garden – Just built at the end of 19th century but today covers 0.19 hectares. Originally had a beautiful fountain now located in the flora garden designed by Augusto Cesar d’Abreu Nunes as part of the Avenida Vasco da Gama pedestal monument. The garden commemorates the defeat of the Dutch. This is the site where the cannon hit the Dutch ammunition.

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18 Gardens in Macau: Love these Green Attractions

Best of Macau Gardens includes the Casa Garden, Camoes Park, Comendador Ho Yin Garden features the Orient Arch, Dr. Carlos d’Assumpcao Park from Avenida de Amizade to the bronze Kun Iam statue, arden of the Arts with flower gardens, fountains and statuary, Flora Garden European-style at the base of Guia Hill, Garden of Montanha Russa is a quiet retreat in the north of Macau, Lou Lim Ieoc Garden is the most Chinese of all of Macau’s gardens, S. Francisco Garden is next to the pink and white S.Francisco barracks and Military Club, Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park, and more.

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