Cathedral Square Nativity Scene

christmas nativity

Cathedral Square Nativity Scene

cathedral square nativity

The Nativity Scene at the Cathedral Square in front of the church.

If you are French you will call itcreche, if your are Italian you will call it presipio, if you are German
you will call it krippe, if you are Spanish you will call itnacimiento and if you speak only English,
you will call it the “crib.”

macau cathedral

The Cathedral nativity scene sits at the end of the square.

But what is the Christmas creche or the Christmas crib? Well, it is an artistic three dimensional
depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ in the manger and it is one of the oldest and most favored of all Christmas traditions

macau cathedral

A closed up view of the baby Jesus in the manger

christmas nativity scene

View of the nativity scene in the afternoon.

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Cathedral Square Nativity Scene