Cathedral Square –

Cathedral Square Macau

The Cathedral square in front of the Cathedral of Macau has a very long
history. The Cathedral square together with the church was first built in

In 1849, local catholic parishioners collected donations to rebuild the
Cathedral of Macau and the Cathedral square where a huge stone cross was

A year later, on 14 February 1850, the then Bishop Jeronimo Jose da Mata,
consecrated the church and administered the first Holy Mass. Ever since the
Cathedral square has become the open air living room of Macau residents.

Cathedral Square

The Cathedral square has recently been refurbished and is becoming a great
attraction to both residents and visitors. It has the only classical fountain
in Macau.

The Cathedral square has reinstalled the former stone cross that was standing
here for centuries. Fittingly the new cross was done and assembled in Fujian

The Cathedral is built on the site of the first church of Our Lady of Hope
of St. Lazarus. That church was the mother church of the Macau diocese which
then included the religious provinces of China, Japan, Korea and other islands
adjacent to China.

Cathedral Square

Three women generations in the Cathedral square.

Cathedral Square

Detail of the fountain of the Cathedral square.