Cathedral Church of Macau and Bishop’s Palace



The Cathedral of Macau has a very long history. First built in 1576, it was originally a samll wooden structure.

In 1849, local catholic parishioners collected donations to rebuild the church. The new cathedral covered the same size it has today. A year later, on 14 February 1850, the then Bishop Jeronimo Jose da Mata, consecrated the church and administered the first Holy Mass.

However, the cathedral was almost destroyed in a typhoon 24 years later.

The Cathedral was finally rebuilt in 1937 in concrete. This is how it appears today. Rebuilding at that time cost MOP100,900.

The Cathedral is built on the site of the first church of Our Lady of Hope of St. Lazarus. That church was the mother church of the Macau diocese which then included the religious provinces of China, Japan, Korea and other islands adjacent to China.


Left: The main altar. Behind the altar there is still large space for people. From here you can appreciate the stainglass windows. Right picture: the side chapel dedicated to Christ the King. Behind the modernist altar is a good stained glass representation of the Christ the King.

macauMany of the major events in the Church’s calendar is centered on the Cathedral.
During Easter, there is the procession of Our Lord of Passion between the
Cathedral and St Augustine. Then there is a solemn parade on Good Friday that goes around Senado Square.

Special candle light Easter Vigil Masses, like in all other churches, are held here.

Services are held everyday, early morning and late afternoon. Sunday services have very good choirs.

The architecture is quite simple, like a basilica plan with no columns in the middle. Very well lit by several clerestory windows and bright skylights on the side altars or chapels.


The picture above shows the altar of the Blessed Sacrament located on the right of the main altar. The right photo shows the Image of Our Lady of Fatima, Patron of Portugal and Macau.

The Cathedral is dedicated to the venerated figure of St. Peter. Many Catholic relics and antiques are stored here.

The square infront of the church, Plaza de Se was recently improved under the direction of Architect Francisco Pinheiro. What was an ugly carpark is now open spaces, beautiful fountains and plenty of seating areas.

Among friends we call that are Cathedral Square.


Saints Joseph (left) and Anthony (right), both holding the child Jesus.

Beautiful statutes located on the side altars of the cathedral.

Bright sunlight from the skylights above gives these figures a very sublime air.



Outside the cathedral is the Bishop’s palace. A beautiful classical building.
Inside is a private religious museum. Ask the guard to see it. Behind the
palace is a catholic boys school.

Near the church is the Livraria SaoPaulo Book Store.