Creches in Macau – Nativity Scenes

macau cathedral

The Cathedral Square nativity scene sits at the end of the square.

Christmas is when the various parts of the city brings out the best of the Nativity scenes or Creche or Cribs.
Here we highlight some of the beautiful displays of the birth of Jesus Christ.

macau catholic cathedral

A simple but beautifully decorated Creche or nativity scene inside the Macau
Catholic Cathedral

The Holy Family

The Holy Family inside the St Augustine Church.

xmas creche

The Holy Family are placed on top of a cross shaped slab in the Sao Lorenzo

nativity scene

A beautiful relief of the Nativity inside the Seminary Chapel.

nativity scene

Every year the Leal Senado building sets up a Nativity Scene. This year is no different and there is a very beautiful
nativity inside the Leal Senado building this year.

placa de jorge alves macau

The Creche in the Placa de Jorge Alves.

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