18 Gardens in Macau: Love these Green Attractions

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Casa Garden

First built in 1770, originally the villa of a wealthy merchant then the English East India Company and residence for taipans.

Luis de Camoes Garden

a memorial garden dedicated to Louis de Camoes, a famous Portuguese poet who lived four hundred years ago. 

Comendador Ho Yin Garden

features the Orient Arch and provides a quiet retreat with tree-shaded benches and tables for chess players, landscaped shrubberies, bamboo groves, a playground, and a small cafe.

Dr. Carlos d’Assumpção Park

from Avenida de Amizade to the bronze Kun Iam statue features secluded arbours, avenues of palm trees, a children’s playground, fountains, and ornamental ponds.

Garden of the Arts

with flower gardens, fountains and statuary providing a pleasant, traffic-free walk back to the downtown area between the Cultural Centre and Hotel Lisboa, always along the water front, enjoying a changing panorama of Macau. Address: Avenida de Amizade

Flora Garden

European-style at the base of Guia Hill which was formerly the grounds of the Flora Palace, an aristocratic Portuguese mansion. 

Garden of Montanha Russa

is a quiet retreat in the north of Macau, next to the New Protestant Cemetery. The name ‘russa’ comes from the Chinese word for a snail, which describes the small spiral path that winds up to the top of the hill. 

Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

is the most Chinese of all of Macau’s gardens is the Lou Lim Ieoc Garden. It was built by a wealthy 19th century Chinese merchant, Lou Kau, and was inherited by his son Lou Lim Ieoc in 1906.

San Francisco Garden

is next to the pink and white S.Francisco barracks and Military Club, the garden consists of flower beds between wide
paths which lead up to a fine double stone staircase. On the upper level is a round tower built
to honour the combatants of the First World War.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park

At the north end of Macau, not far from the old gate that marks the Macau S.A.R.’s border with China, is the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park. Located next to the canal that forms part of the border, the park features an aviary, a Victorian-style greenhouse, winding walkways, flower gardens, a fung shui forest of trees which is believed to bring good luck, and a bronze sculpture called “Permanent Handshake”, representing the friendship between Portugal and China. High points in the park offer good views of the Chinese Special Economic Zone of Zhuhai across the border. A swimming pool, a children’s playground, and multi-purpose sports fields provide recreation.

Vitoria or Victory Garden

Stone terraces lead from the busy avenue to the monument commemorating the Portuguese victory over the Dutch in 1622. Flower beds and stands of trees decorate the garden, which offers benches for footsore tourists and students from the school next door. Address: Entre Av. Sidónio Pais, Macau Opening hours: 24 Hours

Vasco da Gama Garden

The Vasco da Gama Garden and the Victory Garden were created at the end of the 19th century. They used to be part of a long avenue, the Avenida Vasco da Gama built in 1898, to comemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the fleet of Vasco da Gama to India. Ficus rumphii trees were planted along this road, 500 meters long and 65 meters wide. These trees, some of them still in existence, gave a country look to this road.

Mong Há Hill Municipal Park

Mong Há Fort, situated on Mong Há Hill at the northern end of Macau, is a newer fortress, built in anticipation of a Chinese invasion following the Anglo-Chinese War in 1841. It was completed in 1866 and was in active service until the 1960’s, when it was abandoned. Today the area has been turned into a park with flowerbeds, grassy slopes and walkways surrounding the old fortress walls. It provides a quiet refuge for people living in the nearby neighborhoods, and good views of the north end of the city.

Carmel Garden

Next to the Church of Our Lady of Carmel on a hill overlooking the village of Taipa and the old Taipa Praia, the garden follows a formal European design. It has a vine-covered gazebo with fountains and stone benches, meticulously maintained flower beds and paths winding up to a small belvedere.

Garden of Flower City

Located across the street from the ParknShop supermarket in the centre of Taipa’s high-rise residential area, this walled garden is a modern interpretation of the classical Chinese garden, with traditional lotus ponds, winding bridges, and small pavilions, but it also incorporates a children’s playground and a skating and scooter area.

Seac Pai Van Park

Situated in the wooded hills on the west side of the island, not far from the causeway to Taipa, this park is a popular place for family outings. There are children’s playgrounds, picnic areas, flowerbeds, a small zoo, and a large walk-in aviary which is home to peacocks, pheasants, and other colorful species. There is also a garden of native medicinal plants and the small but attractive Natural and Agrarian Museum.

Coloane Island

The biggest garden island of all.

Leal Senado Building Inner Court