Guide to All Macau Museums

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Guide to All Macau Museums

Museum of Macau

There’s no better way to experience and to learn about Macau – its culture, its history, and its people, than to pay a visit to the Museum of Macau, and be amazed by the richness of Macau’s culture.

Maritime Museum

If the history of Macau is really connected to the sea, there is, indeed, no better place for the Maritime Museum, than the Square of the Barra Pagoda, dedicated to the Taoist goddess “A-MA”, the protector of the fishermen, and also believed as the place where the Portuguese landed for the first time.

Wine Museum

This 1400 square-meter Wine Museum is divided into different areas (Historical information/Wine Cellar/Museum and Exhibitions), using several types of supports: maps, texts, photos, tiles and videos, among others.

Grand Prix Museum

Former winners of the Macau Grand Prix include popular and great names such as Ayrton Senna, brothers Michael and Ralf Schumacher, and David Coulthard. For this reason, the Macau Grand Prix Museum was built.

Macau Museum of Art

One of the premier attractions of Macau is the Macau Museum of Art showcasing the cultural and artistic side of Macau, underneath the casinos and the fast-paced way of living.

Handover Gifts Museum of Macau

Located next to the Macau Cultural Centre in Avenida Xian Xing Hai (NAPE). The location of the Museum is also the area that was used for the Handover Ceremony on 20th December 1999 in which Macau was returned to the Mainland.

Treasure of Sacred Art – St Dominic Church

The Treasure of Sacred Art Museum can be found next to the Church of St. Dominic. On the right side of the Church of St. Dominic’s is the sacristy. Inside the sacristy is the stairs that lead to the St. Dominic’s Museum, The Treasure of Sacred Art on the second and third floors.

Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt

Built at the bottom end of the inner area of the St. Paul’s Ruins – in the place where the magnificent church and the College of the Mother of God were previously located. The Crypt and the Museum of Sacred Art are evocative of the rich history of the missions in this region.

Dr. Sun Iat Sen Memorial House in Macau

An original building in the architectonic patrimony of Macau housing a number of different documents, paying homage to the stay of Dr. Sun Iat Sen in Macau. Sun Iat Sen was the mentor and driving force of the Chinese republican revolution, which overthrew the weak regime of the Qing Dynasty.

Lin Zexu Memorial Museum of Macau

One of the less famous but just as important museums of Macau. Located besides the Lin Fong Temple. Lin Zexu was a Chinese scholar and official during the Qing Dynasty and is very well-known for his active and loud fights against opium smuggling which eventually led to the First Opium War.

Fire Services Museum

Built with a European style edifice that dates back to the 1920s. There are almost more than 700 pieces of objects and artifacts that are exhibited inside the museum. The objects on display range from the big fire trucks to the evolution of the fire extinguisher.

Museum of the Holy House of Mercy

Exhibits pieces that represent the history of the institution and objects of religious art that illustrate the meeting of different cultures. The most significant item in the Museum of the Holy House of Mercy is the “Commitment of the Holy House of Mercy of Macau.” It was hand-written in the year of 1662.

Natural and Agrarian Museum

Located in the Seac Pai Van Park, this museum tries to show the visitor the fauna, the flora and the importance of the activities of the primary sector in the economic life of the Islands of Taipa and Coloane, both in previous times and nowadays.

Taipa Houses Museum

The Taipa Houses-Museum is located at Avenida da Praia in Taipa. Very peaceful and serene, unlike the hustle-bustle and noisy surrounding of the city. You can just sit down and relax on the benches and admire the view of the sea, and see the Cotai Strip that’s currently under construction.

Museum of Antique Electronics & Phonographs

Sound of the Century – On exhibit in the Museum is a collection of over 200 antique gramophones, old-fashioned wooden telephones and old models of radios which bore witness to a few hundred years of history and development of sound equipment and electronic appliances.

Traditional Pawnshop Business

Located just near the Senado Square, the Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnshop Business exhibits and explains how pawnshops were run and operated in the early times. The Macau Culture Club is the entry to the Heritage Exhibition and where you can experience the artistic side of the Chinese culture.

Macau Security Forces Museum

At the Calcada dos Quarteis de Sao Francisco, there is a rich exhibition including valuable military and police objects such as guns, cannons, communication equipment, old photos and pictures of the Public Security Forces of Macau and fine models of the checkpoint building at the Border Gate.

Macau Tea Culture House

The House – an imposing edifice featuring southern European elements and a Chinese tiled roof – complements the Portuguese-style buildings in the area magnificently as well as the surrounding Suzhou-inspired landscape of Lou Lim Ieoc Gardens.

Communications Museum

The Communications Museum presents exhibits in two areas: Post/Philately and Telecommunications. Visitors can simultaneously experiment, learn and have fun. A place of interactivity and discovery as well as exhibition of Stamp Collection technique and promotion of Macau Philately.

Museum of Taipa and Coloane History

The two-storey Museum of Taipa and Coloane History consists of exhibitions of the historical relics unearthed in Coloane, stone architectural remains and the development of the villages, religions and culture of the islands provide an overview of the history and culture of old Coloane and Taipa.

MOP$25 Museum Pass

For a traveler with only a short duration of stay in Macau and would like to visit some museums, then he or she should get the Museum Pass.

At the cost of MOP$25 for adults and MOP$12 for children under 18 years old and senior over 60 years old, visitors can buy a Museum Pass.

The Pass entitles one free entry, within a period of 5 days to each of the following six museums: Grand Prix Museum, Wine Museum, Maritime Museum, Lin Zexu Museum, Museum of Art and Museum of Macau.

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