Macau Squares and Plazas


Macau tourism

Macau is full of big and small squares, plazas and gardens located all over the city.

The biggest and most famous of them all, Leal Senado Square has always been the city centre. In the past, this was where the governors inspected military troops and the police force when they took up their posts.

Right in the middle of Leal Senado square is the St Dominic Square is the most popular plaza since it is right in the middle of everything. McDonalds, starbucks, shops and flea markets are all over the place.

macauThe Church of Sto. Domingo is one of the most beautiful churches in Macau.
You will never miss this yellow and green Church right in the middle of Leal
Senado plaza of Macau. It is along a junction of a street and an alleyway
bearing the same name.

Just off St. Dominic square is the Cathedral Square in front of the Cathedral of Macau has a very long history. The Cathedral square together with the church was first built in 1576.


Cathedral square

The Cathedral square has recently been refurbished and is becoming a great
attraction to both residents and visitors. It has the only classical fountain
in Macau.

From St Dominic square towards St Paul’s Ruins you pass a very nice crowded pedestrian street. Narrow alleys that suddenly open up to a big space where the facade of Macau seems to jump out off the sky. You’ve just entered Jesuit Square of St Paul located just below the towering facade ruins of the Jesuit church of the Mother of God, commonly known as St Paul.

St Augustine ChurchOn the other side of San Ma Lou, a street on the left of the Leal Senado Building goes up steeply towards the St Augustine Square. This square is cobbled in black and white in the Portuguese style and surrounded by the seminary, library, theater, church and houses.

St Augustine Church Plaza beside the church.

Below St Augustine Church is the Central Street that goes westwards over the hills towards Penha hill. Further up this road is the historical Lilau Square is surrounded by Portuguese style buildings and is therefore an area representing Macao’s unique urban style and features.

Barra Square Macau

The square in front of the famous Amah Temple is the Barra Square which dates from the 19th century with many European-style buildings in this area and old beautiful Banyan trees.

camoes square

Camoes Square