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Macau Walking Tours

Macau is such a small place that most Macau tours can be done on foot. Macau lends itself to touring on foot. It is small yet infinitely
varied, with every temptation to detour from a set itinerary, which can
however be easily resumed. Here we show you some suggested walking tours.

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Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro Walking Tour

This 60 minute walk will lead you around Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro which local Chinese
call San Ma Lo (New Street), from Amizade Street, the financial area of the city, walking up the street towards the Post Office, Leal Senado Square and the old Leal Senado Building (now called IACM just for a good mouthful). Continue forward to see old chinese shop houses, then the new developments along the inner harbour, turning back along the old chinese shop fronts of Happiness streets, sampling cookies and meat jerkies along the way.

Penha Peninsula Walking Tour

This is the Macau walking tour Where Portugal meets China. There is a lot to see on the peninsula that lies between the Praia Grande and the Inner Harbour.

Go uphill to St. Augustine Square. See various baroque Catholic churches along the way, St Augustine’s Church, St. Lawrence Church, the St. Joseph Seminary Church and the Bishop’s Palace and Penha Chapel.

Noteworthy buidings along way include the Sir Robert Ho Tung, Dom Pedro V Theatre, Government Headquarter, Macau Tower (from a distance), fort ruins.

There is the old fort turned to a boutique hotel Pousada de São Tiago, the Barra Point, the famous A-Ma Temple, another big square, and finally the inner harbour. The tour could end up with a good meal at one of the good restaurants near the Ama Temple.

Guia Hill and San Lazaro Walk

coloane villaGuia Hill and San Lazaro Walk begins on the highest point in Macau, Guia Hill on which stand the Guia Fort and Lighthouse.

Visit the simple, baroque chapel of Our Lady of Guia. Ride one of the worlds shortest Cable Car rides. There’s a little aviary, zoological and botanical Flora Garden.

Check out the memorial to Sun Yat Sen.

coloane villaVisit the quirky Chinese Suzhou gardens of Lou Lim Ieoc. Another architectural interest are the row of colonial houses along Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida.

Breath the artistic air in the San Lazaro district. Finally get back to Largo Senado through the Rua do Campo, where the walled city first burst into the rest of Macau peninsula (see history).

St Paul and Camoes Garden Walking Tour

st paul's cathedralWalk from Leal Senado Square up to the St. Paul Ruins. Visit the Museum of Sacred Art.

Go up the Fortress Hill to visit the Museum of Macau. Check out the cannons on the fortress and get a 360 view of Macau.

Follow along the Rua de S. António and shop for antiques, paintings and other artworks sold along this street.

Make a short visit in St Antony’s Church, relax inside the Camões Square, check out the first Protestant church of Asia.

Luis de Camoes Garden

Think of the last things inside the Old Protestant Cemetery. Say a prayer for the artist George Chinnery whose grave grace one corner of the area. Hint: look for Voldemorts relatives among the graves.

Outer Harbour Walking Tour

The Outer Harbour walking tour will take from around 60 minutes to half a day if you want to linger in the museums. There are parks and restaurants in the area to take a breather.

There are several modern casinos in the area, including Sands Casino and the Babylon Casino. Even if you don’t gamble, the architecture and design are worth a look. Besides the Sands have very good restaurants.

sands casino macau

East of Sands or Grand Lapa is the Cultural Centre. Next to it is the Museum of Art and the Handover Gifts Museum of Macau. Follow the Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen along the waterfront, to the Kun Iam Statue and the Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre.

Visit the Grand Prix Museum. Check out the real Formula 3 cars, grandprix motorbikes, videos, memorabilia and interactive race simulators. Enter the Wine Museum for a free glass of wine and exhibits of Portuguese wines, antique wine-making equipment and history of vine growing.

Across the Centre is the The Lotus Square or Golden Lotus Square

Taipa Walking Tour

Coloane Island Walking Tour

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