How to Go Around : Macau Transportation

The following information about Macau transportation is for reference only; obviously the situation can change fast and anytime.

Macau is a modern metropolis with various types of transportation. The latest addition this is UBER which you can call anytime from your mobile phone.

Macau peninsula is a relatively small place and you can walk from one attraction to the other within half an hour. Sometimes the traffic can be bad and taking public transport will take more time than walking.

Among the various modes of transportation Macau has taxis, public buses, public minibuses, tourist buses (usually hired), free hotel buses which can bring you from/to border points including the ferry terminal and the airport.

Uber as mentioned earlier is available although it is ‘officially’ illegal despite the popular demand by both residents and tourists.

Going around with Taxis

Macau have plenty of licensed and metered taxis which usually in black and with a cream coloured roof.

Very few taxi drivers can speak English. Most can understand Mandarin. So be sure to grab a bilingual map in the ferry terminal or in the hotels. Calling Service :(853) 2893 9939/2828 3283。

The 2016 Taxi fares are the following:

  • First 1,600 meters MOP 17.00; 
  • For each 260 meters afterwards MOP 2.00
  • Every 1 minute waiting time which the taxi is hired but not in motion at passenger’s request MOP 2.00
  • Each piece of baggage transported in the baggage compartment at passenger’s request MOP 3.00

Additional Fee:

  • Taipa to Coloane MOP 2.00
  • Macau to Coloane MOP 5.00
  • When boarding taxi at the Macau Airport MOP 5.00
  • Notes: No additional fee will be charged when the taxi is hired from Taipa and Coloane to Macau or from Coloane to Taipa.

Limousine Services

You can also book limousines upon arrival in the airport and the ferry terminals. Most big hotels also offer this service which can be included in your booking. A few companies have started offering the stretched limousines.

Going around with Pedicabs

Pedicabs are a dying tradition in Macau. These tricycle carriages with seating for two passengers are also known as trishaws. Very slow but more romantic form of transport. Pedicabs are propelled by bicycles with several gears and are not at all the same as the rickshaw.

Two main pick up locations for pedicabs are the Ferry Terminal and Hotel Lisboa. Avoid trouble by settling on an agreed fare first. Expect to pay about 10-30 patacas for a single journey. It may reach up to 100 patacas an hour for sightseeing, depending on where you go.

Pedicabs are best along the Praia Grande, the “old seashore”. Don’t expect pedicabs to go up the Penha Hill and other points of interest.


Bicycles can be hired from shops in Taipa, near the bus terminal. They are not permitted on either of the bridges.

Going around with Buses

Public buses and minibuses run from 6:45 a.m. to midnight. On all routes within the city, the fare is 2.5 patacas per journey. There are buses (Route 3, 3A, 10, 12, 23, 28C & 32) that provide regular service between the city and the piers for incoming or out going visitors.

All buses are air-conditioned and are quite comfortable. Try to avoid travelling during the rush hour, when buses tend to become over crowded.

There are buses from Macau to the islands with regular departures throughout the day, from 6:45 a.m. to 11 p.m. The fares are: Taipa – 3.3 patacas, Coloane Village – 4.0 patacas and Hac Sa Beach – 5.00 patacas. Passengers are required to have the exact fare.

There is a bus stop between Hotel Lisboa and the Portuguese school. You can enjoy a comfortable trip to the picturesque islands aboard an air-conditioned bus.

Bus number AP1 links the airport with the ferry terminal and downtown. It costs 6 patacas.

Going around with hire cars

Mokes – small jeep – like vehicles – painted in bright colours and good for especially exploring the islands, are available for hire at around $500 for 24 hours on weekdays, $600 on weekends, with unlimited mileage.

Drivers must be 21 years of age and hold a valid international licence.