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Carmel Church Macau

carmel church

Located on the island of Taipa, the Mt. Carmel Church Macau was built in 1885.

macauThis simple baroque church stands on a hill overlooking what use to be the
Sea, the colonial mansions, and over the other side of the hill, the bustling
Taipa Village and the Yek Long Firecracker Factory.

Here is
a good 360-degree view of the Carmel Church Macau from the plaza.

From the Carmel Church Macau follow the winding path or the stairs down Avenida
da Praia (or what used to be the shoreline). This is a refreshing tree-lined
pedestrian area recalling early 20th-century living and architecture.

Five colonial and Mediterranean style residences are fully restored to their
former lost glory.

macauOne house the Macanese House Museum which displays period furnishings of
Chinese and European styles and mementos of Macanese life at the time.

To reach the Carmel Church Macau and Taipa Village take one of the buses that
stops in front of the Hotel Lisboa near the bridge on the mainland.

Bus nos. 11, 15, 22, 28A, 30, 33, 34, and 35 all go to Taipa Village.

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