Penha Church Macau

Chapel of Our Lady of Penha


Built on top Colina da Penha or Penha Hill, also known as Bishop Hill because
of the Bishop Residence, is a Chapel of Our Lady of Penha which was first built
in 1622.

At that time, the first chapel was erected by the crew and passengers of a ship which had a narrow escape from the Dutch.

Later the chapel served as shrine for sailors embarking on often hazardous

The chapel today dates back to 1837 when it was completely rebuilt along with
the Bishop’s Palace.

It is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

The bell tower of the Church is very distinctive and can be seen anywhere from
the harbor.

On one side of the large open courtyard fronting the church is a marble image
of the Blessed Virgin Mary facing the border of China, as if praying for that
magnificent land.

Her prayers are definitely bearing fruit because now thousands of Chinese tourist
dutifully climb up her little hill.

At the foot of a flight of stone steps is a popular grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Along the grotto is also a nice garden with fountains, seating and children’s

Nearby is a bronze gravestone with Portuguese inscriptions indicating the resting
place of Bishop John Bouner of Macau who was buried here on 18 February 1918.


On a clear day the panoramic view from here includes not only Macau but across
the Pearl River into China.

One can see the whole harbor and a great collection of old and modern architecture:
the Chief Executive’s Palace, other colonial residences, the Macau Tower, and
the man-made lakes.

year, on the 13th of May, thousand of faithful joins the image of Our Lady of
Fatima for a pilgrimage and procession.

The procession begins from Sto. Domingo Church and meanders through the narrow
streets of Macau.

The procession finally ends in the little courtyard of Penha Church.

Every year at this day, thousands of devotees coming from all over, never fails
to accompany the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Three children, dressed as the three child seers, lead the procession.