Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple


Heritage Macau Tourism


Rua Sul do Mercado de São Domingos

The temple was originally a guild house of the Sam Kai (Three Streets)
Association, covering Rua dos Mercadores, Rua dos Ervanários and
Rua das Estalagens.


Shops near the temple and along Rua dos Mercadores.

Established between 1723 and 1795, it is the earliest
local guild in Macao. Its historical importance derives from the fact
that it was here that the Qing government made its announcements.

A statue
of Kuan Tai (God of War and Riches) was placed inside the guild upon
its establishment and a chamber was later designed to worship Kuan Tai.

Since the guild’s
function has gradually disappeared, it is now used as Kuan Tai Temple.


The temple can be accessed from this side street.
On the
corner is the famous restaurant Long Kei.


Charming street furniture along the streets.

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