St James Chapel Macau

St James Chapel Macau


Only in Macau. Romantic and intriguing, Macau has retained the historic beauty
of the Orient-a timeless quality searched for by travellers from both near and

The Fortaleza da Barra was one of the fortresses built in the seventeenth century
by the Portuguese to defend Macau against hostile European nations and local

One hundred years later a chapel was built in 1740 within its walls and dedicated
to Sao Tiago, the patron saint of the Portuguese army. Today, much of the fortress
and the chapel has been preserved as part of the Pousada de Sao Tiago.

St James Chapel Macau

Inside this charming sanctuary is a statue of Saint James and Our Lady of
Fatima. There is also an image of the saintly Queen Isabel composed in blue
and white tiles.

Saint James was the patron military protector of Macau. Legend tells that he
frequently goes on patrol around the city and his muddy boots have to be cleaned
by soldiers.

It is also said that a soldier forgot this duty and was reminded by a crack
on the head from the saint’s sword.

St James Chapel Macau

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