St Lazarus Macau or Sao Lazaro

St Lazarus Macau Church or Sao Lazaro


St. Lazarus Parish

St Lazarus Macau, the Hermitage of Our Lady of Hope, also known as San Lazaro, was first built
on this spot in 1570 as a place of worship for lepers.

It was not until 1882, after the leper colony was moved to the Island of D.
Joao, that the current church was built.

St. Lazarus Parish Attractions


The leper colony was eventually moved to Coloane in 1947 and the Church
of Our Lady of Sorrows
. was built for them.

macauUpon entering the courtyard note on your right the Cross of Hope. This is all
that remains of the original building.

In 1947 the leper colony was again moved, this time to Coloane

Today the cured, as well as those still afflicted with leprosy, worship at
the, also on Coloane.

san lazarus parish

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