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Lilau Square – Macau Heritage

mandarin house

Lilau Square or in Portuguese Largo do Lilau is situated in the old “Christian quarter” where the Portuguese first settled in Macao. This area is surrounded by Portuguese style buildings and is therefore an area representing Macao’s unique urban style and features.

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St Augustine Square Macau

St Augustine Square is surrounded by many important monuments, including the St. Augustine Church, Agostinho Jesuit residence, Dom Pedro V Theatre, St. Joseph Seminary, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, and Ricci House.

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Cathedral Square Nativity Scene

christmas nativity

The Nativity Scene at the Cathedral Square in front of the church. The Cathedral nativity scene sits at the end of the square. But what is the Christmas creche or the Christmas crib? Well, it is an artistic three dimensional depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ in the manger and it is one of the oldest and most favored of all Christmas traditions

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