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Walks in Macau

Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro Walking Tour
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro walking tour. The best place to set out on a walk is from the central square, Largo do Senado, where the Tourist Office can provide brochures with details on the sights you will see on these suggested tours.
Taipa Walking Tour
Taipa Walking Tour - look in at the small Tin Hau Temple in the square Opposite is a green and white neo-classical mansion that is the Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau Walk a few metres down Rua Correia da Silva and turn left into Travessa da Felicidade, continue to Rua dos Mercadores, one of a cluster of narrow streets lined with traditional Chinese shop-houses, with pastel plaster walls, wooden shutters and stucco ornamentation
Penha Hill Macau Walking Tour
Penha Peninsula Walking Tour - Leave Largo do Senado by Rua Dr. Soares, the road that runs up the side of the Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau, formerly the Leal Senado Branch left on Calçada Tronco Velho and find yourself in Largo S. Agostinho, with wave-patterned pavements and green lamplights On your left is St Augustine's Church
St Paul Ruins to Camões Gardens Walk
St Paul Ruins and Camões Garden Walking Tour
Macau Tours and Walking Guides
Guided Macau Tour - Macau is such a small place that most Macau tours can be done on foot.
Penha Hill Walk
The Penha Hill walking tour takes around 90 minutes. This is where Portugal meets China.

Gaming in Macau

Rio Hotel Casino Macau
Rio Hotel Casino Macau - With around-the-clock gaming, dining and entertainment all under one roof, StarWorld Hotel and Casino is undoubtedly the complete leisure destination of Macau.
Macau Babylon Casino and the Miami Flamingo Slot Club
The Babylon Casino is designed according the style in the time of Babylon. It’s only a third floor building, but with a special appearance and color.
Regency Macau Hotel
Regency Macau - Tourism and City Guide to Macau
The Sands Casino Macau
Tourism and City Guide to Macau

Processions in Macau

St. Anthony Procession
The St. Anthony Procession is a very short procession held every year on the feastday of the Saint along the streets and park adjacent to the St. Anthony Church.

Macau Travel Videos

From the Macau Travel Blog

Zhuhai Shizimen Central Business District :
The Shizimen Central Business District of Hengqin New Area was the highlight of the 2010 Macau International Fair. The nascent central business district (CBD) should take five years to build. It will contain infrastructure for conventions and exhibitions. It also will attract the finance and insurance sectors, among others, using the extraordinary authority Hengqin New Area has been granted by Beijing to enhance regional cooperation and to further open up to the world. The CBD is located in the northeast part of Hengqin Island, across from the Macao Peninsula and Taipa Island. It covers 5.77 sqkm encompassing its northern region of 2.28sqkm of Nanwan coast and southern region of 3.49 sqkm in Hengqin. It is situated where Zhuhai's eastern and western urban areas meet Hengqin New Area and is close to the Wanzai, Hengqin and Gongbei border checkpoints.
Wynn Macau Resorts –
Wynn Macau Resorts - Tourism and City Guide to Macau
Wynn Macau Resort
Step into the world of Wynn Macau and be pampered by unparalleled luxury. Sleek, sophisticated and with an unmistakable sense of style, Wynn Macau is the fabulous new luxury hotel destination of Wynn Resorts - from Ola! Macau Guide
Wynn Macau Hotel
Wynn Macau Hotel - Whether you are a hopeless romantic planning for a honeymoon to sweep your bride off her feet, or if you just want to spend some quality time with your family, Wynn Macau can provide you with delightful indulgences that are as brilliant as the glittering lights of the city.
How to get wireless Macau internet access
Wireless Macau internet access is slowly and surely gaining ground in Macau and CyberCTM offers citywide Wireless Broadband Service.
Victory Garden :
Victory Garden - Just built at the end of 19th century but today covers 0.19 hectares. Originally had a beautiful fountain now located in the flora garden designed by Augusto Cesar d’Abreu Nunes as part of the Avenida Vasco da Gama pedestal monument. The garden commemorates the defeat of the Dutch. This is the site where the cannon hit the Dutch ammunition.
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