Top Macau Attractions

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Macau Attractions

Here are the top Macau Attractions. With over 400 years of Portuguese settlement and 1000s of Chinese history, plus the modern development of Macau as an entertainment and meeting place, the innumerable attractions of this world city range from ancient heritage sites to modern buildings and shows. So many things to do in Macau.

The Ruins of St Paul are the remains of the MATER DEI or Mother of God Church built in the early 16th-century in Macau. With its dramatic 66 stone steps rising up to the baroque facade, the ruins of St Paul is definitely
the most famous Macau attraction. This iconic ruins are located in the St. Anthony district.

Senado Square has always been the city centre from the beginning of Portuguese times. In the past, the square was a wide avenue where the governors inspected military troops and the police force when they took up their posts. There are several points of interest and historic buildings in the area.

Monte Fortress and Museum 

Here are two Macau attractions in one; the fortress and the best museum in Macau. Fortress was once a principal military facility and was one of the city’s strongest defence points. The Macau Museum is built right inside the fortress. The construction of Mount Fortress was initiated by the Jesuits in 1617 and completed in 1626. Located just beside the Ruins of St. Paul.

Leal Senado Building

Right across the Senado Square is the Leal Senado Building (Loyal Senate Building), erected in 1784, is located on a square bearing the same name, Leal Senado Square (Largo do Leal Senado). The architecture style in the Leal Senado building is neo-classical.

St Dominic Church

One of the most beautiful churches in Macau. You will never miss this yellow and green Church right in the middle of the Senado Square of Macau.

Fishermans Wharf

The Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, the first theme park in Macau, is a place you should never miss in your stay in Macau. What more, entrance is FREE. And for this reason you may want to come back again and again.


Grandprix Museum and Wine Museum

Features former winners of the Macau Grand Prix include popular and great names such as Ayrton Senna, brothers Michael and Ralf Schumacher, and David Coulthard. Get Free Wine in the adjacent Wine Museum.

Macao Science Center

The Science Center is a new landmark in Macau because of its distinctive, asymmetrical, conical shape with a spiral walkway and large atrium inside. Galleries lead off the walkway, mainly consisting of interactive exhibits aimed at science education. There is also a planetarium with 3D projection facilities and Omnimax films.

Macau Museum of Art

One of the premier attractions of Macau is the Macau Museum of Art. This museum showcases the cultural and artistic side of Macau, underneath the casinos and the fast-paced way of living.

Wynn’s Performing Lake, Tree of Prosperity and Dragon of Fortune (Wynn Macau)

The iconic golden Tree of Prosperity – featuring over 2,000 branches and 98,000 leaves comprising 24-karat gold leaf and brass leaf – is a stunning symbol of auspiciousness. Symbolizing vitality, good fortune and well-being, the Dragon of Fortune dramatically combines traditional sculptural art, modern lighting and audio enhancements to stunning effect in the Rotunda atrium of Wynn Macau.

MGM Square

The lobby of MGM Grand Macau, where you can find the Salvador Dali sculpture, is also inspired by European sophistication. Both areas are surely overwhelming for the artist in you at its finest.

Macau Tower

All visitors should visit the Macau Tower which is the tenth tallest free-standing tower in the world. This popular landmark offers all an observation deck with panoramic views, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls and a thrilling walking tour around the outer rim + bungee jumping.

Guia Fortress and Chapel

Take a leisurely hour-long hike up to the Guia Fortress for unbeatable panoramic views of the whole Macau peninsula.
The whitewashed lighthouse atop was the first to light the South China Sea.

Flora Garden and Guia Cable Car

The Flora Garden features the Cable Guia (Chinese: 松山纜車; Portuguese: Teleférico da Guia) which is an aerial gondola lift system at Guia Hill, Macau peninsula. The system connects Jardim da Flora with Parque Municipal da Colina da Guia. It opened in 1997. Visitors can gain a bird’s-eye view of the garden and a panoramic perspective of the city. The ride takes 80 seconds.

Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

The most Chinese of all of Macau’s gardens is the Lou Lim Ieoc Garden. It was built by a wealthy 19th century Chinese merchant, Lou Kau, and was inherited by his son Lou Lim Ieoc in 1906.

Tap Seac Gallery and Tap Seac Square

An exciting gallery devoted to promoting both cultural and artistic exhibitions has been opened in Macau on 5th Dec. 2003. The Tap Seac Gallery, which is being financed and managed by the Cultural Institute, is available for presentations, educational projects and research projects, expositions and other functions.

St. Lazaro Church

St Lazarus Macau, the Hermitage of Our Lady of Hope, also known as San Lazaro, was first built
on this spot in 1570

Ama Temple

The Macau A-Ma temple was built in the 15th century, also called Barra Temple, is situated halfway up the western slope of Barra Hill.

This chinese temple consists of the Gate Pavilion, the Memorial Arch, the Prayer Hall, the Hall of Benevolence, the Hall of Guanyin, and Zhengjiao Chanlin (a Buddhist pavilion), each forming a small part of the well-ordered complex which sits in perfect harmony with the natural environment.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum of Macau showcase the deep connection of Macau with the surrounding sea geographically and historically. The rich history of Macau, being colonized by the Portuguese is exhibited in this ship-structured museum; as well as several interesting random trivia about sea travelers and their adventures.

Mandarin’s House

The Macau Mandarin House is the former
residence owned by eminent modern Chinese thinker Zheng Guanying and his
father Zheng Wenrui. Zheng Guanying was a member of the literati
who published several books that are still considered classics today.

St. Lawrence Church

This is one of the more beautiful churches of Macau. Its located on the street of the same name Ave. Sao Lorenzo. Its located near the Government Headquarters. The school in front, a Salesian School, is also the home of many of the priests.

San Augustine Square

St Augustine Square is surrounded by many important monuments, including the St. Augustine’s Church, Agostinho the Jesuit residence, Dom Pedro V Theatre, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, and Ricci House.

Taipa Village and Taipa Food Street

Rua do Cunha (Portuguese for Cunha Street; Chinese: 官也街) is a narrow pedestrian street in Vila da Taipa, the town centre of Taipa island, in Macao.[1] It is named after the Portuguese explorer Tristão da Cunha.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Located in the island of Taipa, the Mt. Carmel Church Macau was built in 1885. This simple baroque church stands on a hill overlooking what use to be the
sea , the colonial mansions, and over the other side of the hill, the bustling
Taipa Village and the Yek Long Firecracker Factory.


Taipa Houses Museum

Five colonial and mediterranean style residences are fully restored to their
former lost glory. One houses the Macanese House Museum which displays period furnishings of
Chinese and European styles and mementoes of Macanese life at the time.

Old Taipa Fortress

The old Taipa Fortress was built in 1847 by the Lieutenant Silva Loureiro in the western tip of Taipa Island for protection against pirate raids over merchant ship that prey for booty over the prosperous sea trade in the Pearl River.

The House of Dancing Waters

The House of Dancing Water produced by Franco Dragone Entertainment Group at City of Dreams is an epic spectacular story that transcends through time and space.

Sands Venetian Resorts

A bigger replica of its sister-property in Las Vegas, the $2.4 billion Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is a renaissance Venice-themed property featuring stunning replicas of Venice landmarks such as St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace, Campanile Tower, and three indoor canals with gondolas and singing gondoliers.

Dragons Treasure

Dive into the world of Dragon’s Treasure in this completely immersive multimedia show at City of Dreams. You’ll be transported to another world as the four Dragon Kings explore the mysterious powers of the Dragon Pearl and introduce you to their magical kingdoms. It all takes place at The Bubble – a dome-shaped theater specially built for this show.

City of Dreams

City of Dreams resort consist of 4 hotels, over 20 dining venues provide guests with regional and international dining experiences, a 2 level retail space, a theatre, stylish nightclubs, a giant silver dome, and a spacious casino with 550 gaming tables and 1,500 slot machines.

Galaxy mega resort

The entire Galaxy mega resort will boast a world of gastronomic delights, cocktail lounges and vibrant bars, street style entertainment, relaxation living in the playful podium gardens, white sand beach and wave pool, awe inspiring architecture, one of the largest casinos in the world, and contemporary retail boulevards with the very latest fashion accessories.

Macau Giant Panda Pavilion

Nestled against a hill side in Seac Pai Van Park in Coloane in a fan-shaped layout of about 3000m2, Macau Giant Panda Pavilion is designed to take advantage of combining the terrain’s natural undulations with the architectural characteristics.

St Francis Xavier Catholic Church

St. Francis Xavier Church is a small chapel built in 1928 following the baroque
style of Macau’s major Catholic Churches. Portuguese color schemes of cream and white
serves as background for classical oval windows and a small bell tower.

Karting Track

Home to go-kart and motorcycle races, the 1.2km-long and 10m-wide track sees its share of professional use, but tourists from all around the world routinely test their skills there, too. It is one of the most exciting kart-racing circuits in Southeast Asia and also the only one to be found in either Hong Kong or Macau.

Hacsa Beach and Bay

The longest and most popular beach of Macau is the Hac Sa Beach. Named after its unique black-tinged sand (“hac sa” means “black sand”) offers a good walk from Westin at one end to the residential peninsula at the other end.

Cheoc Van Beach

Cheoc Van Bay (Baía de Cheoc Van) is a sheltered cove on the west side of Coloane Island. At one end is a boat shelter, kayaking facilities and a sandy swimming beach with changing facilities. Snack bars and restaurants along the beach leads to a free-form swimming pool.

A-Ma Statue and Cultural Village

The tall white statue of A-Ma towering over the green trees above the hills of Coloane Island is unmistakable while approaching the island from the Causeway, now called Cotai Strip. The 170m tall peak is also the site for the A-Ma Cultural Village, a 7,000 square meter complex of towers, temple palaces, museums and shops.

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