Wynn Macau Hotel

Wynn Macau: The ideal destination for a luxurious getaway

Whether you are a hopeless romantic planning for a honeymoon to sweep your bride off her feet, or if you just want to spend some quality time with your family, Wynn Macau can provide you with delightful indulgences that are as brilliant as the glittering lights of the city. The ambiance, amenities, and services in this major resort destination make sure that your stay is worth every pitaca that you will be spending.

Redefining leisure

Wynn Macau redefines how you spend your vacation as it brings together upscale store selection: Wynn Esplanade, a haven for those who love to shop and flaunt, Cinnebar for those who enjoy getting tipsy over some drinks, and the Casino for those who want to try and play with lady luck in gambling.  Inside the casino, there are even games unique to the fine facility. Wynn Esplanade, on the other hand, boasts off a wide array of collection—from Ferrari to LV.

Dining, of course, is never a small detail to a casino resort like Wynn Macau. When you have exhausted your energy in gambling and shopping, you can check out the restaurants. They feature six fine dining options, serving variations of Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese and other international delicacies that cater to your desire for food sophistication and great ambiance.

Sparkling attractions

The Performance Lake is a sure hit with its regular shows playing all night. Guest will surely be amazed at the dancing and the multicolored musical fountain as it entertains the guests and sightseers inside and outside Wynn Macau for the rest of the night. The lake can be seen just right from the Café Esplanada so you will not have to go outside the hotel only to see the spectacle.

The Four Seasons Tree of Prosperity inside Wynn Macau is also worth seeing as it features animal sculptures from the Chinese Zodiac. Every half an hour, the ceiling with the Chinese Zodiac opens to reveal a screen that will later showcase a descending chandelier. Once it has reached the bottom, where you will see the Western zodiac signs, it opens to expose a stunning tree made out of brass and 24k gold. The symbolism and grandeur of the Tree of Prosperity makes it such a fascinating sight guaranteed to draw looks of amazement.

Also a picturesque view inside Wynn Macau is the pool area. This is an ideal spot for you to spend with your significant other with the area not being a very busy one.

Wynn Macau definitely gives a new meaning to words such as comfort and getaway. And the good thing about this place is it is lies near the city’s historical sites. So if ever you have the urge to explore, you can always take a few walks outside and explore an altogether different dimension of Macau.




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